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REAL TIME Mortgage Leads

Real Time Mortgage Leads. Mortgage-Leads now appends the vast property and loan databases of CoreLogic to produce more complete, accurate, and actionable Internet Mortgage Leads. MORE INFO »

Real Time Mortgage Leads. Mortgage-Leads now appends the vast property and loan databases of iLeads.com, LLC. to produce more complete, accurate, and actionable Internet Mortgage Leads.

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Adjustable Rate Mortgage leads.
Find out whose ARMs are resetting, their reset dates, loan amounts, reset rates, appraised values, original lenders, APN codes, and DNC-compliant phone numbers...

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Vintage Mortgage Leads. If you are looking for high volume, highly targeted leads, at very competitive prices, Vintage Mortgage Leads are your answer. Lower your cost per funding today with vintage mortgage leads...

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Mortgage Lead Solutions

NEW! – We now verify loan liens, property valuations and equity data on every mortgage lead!

NEW! – Ask us about running actual funding rate reports on your existing mortgage lead provider!

Serving the mortgage lending industry since 1996

Morgage-Leads.com generates and sells mortgage leads that fund. That’s not just an empty claim on our part. Unlike any of our competitors, Mortgage-Leads.com verifies and appends extensive mortgage loan data on every lead that we touch, to help you fund.

If you are buying mortgage leads without verified data…you’re just buying names and numbers.

Ask your current lead provider if they are adding:

  • AVM property valuations
  • Equity indicators
  • Liens
  • Sales comparables
  • LeadScore’s
  • Property details

At Mortgage-Leads.com, we think that producing mortgage leads that CAN fund is the first step in a great relationship. Call us today at 877-245-3237.

1). Our clients are our first priority

We realize that every lead dollar placed with us is a symbol of trust with our clients. That’s why we always remember that our clients’ interests are our interests. You ask, and we deliver quality mortgage and refinance leads. It’s that simple.  Call us today at 877-245-3237 and ask a rep why customer service is the foundation of our business.

2). Successful Loan Officers have placed their business with us since 1996

We’ve worked with successful LO’s since 1996 – through good, and tough times our commitment to YOUR business never changes. Why choose us over your current provider?

  • Start with our total loan lead quality commitment
  • We’ll meet all your needs: Internet Mortgage Leads, ARM or Vintage Leads
  • We’ll verify the consumers input on every lead
  • We’ll give you a consumer that meets your criteria
  • We’ll work with any size lender, (from a single LO to nationwide)
  • Our replacement policy is second to none
  • Real time statistics tracking through our Customer Care Site
  • Integrated with all of the major lead management systems
  • We’re part of CoreLogic , (Formerly First American CoreLogic)
3). Everyday Lenders and Loan Officers count on us to deliver:
  • High Quality, accurate mortgage leads
  • Flexible programs with control of type, quantity and cost of your lead buys
  • Options from Internet Mortgage Leads, to ARM leads, Vintage and Data Leads
  • Fresh leads sent to you the instant they complete the form
  • Sold Exclusive or Shared, your choice
  • Best-in-class customer support with a dedicated Account Manager

Quality, accuracy, service. For every mortgage lead we generate, Mortgage-Leads.com will partner with you to show you success. Give us a call to design a mortgage lead campaign that fits your unique needs; we think you will be happy that you did.

Call us at (877)245-3237

Fund more loans today with RealTAG!

NEW! – Ask about our RealTAG API to generate more mortgage leads from your site today!

NEW! – Ask us about running a demo of RealTAG with your current internet lead provider!

If you are buying Mortgage Leads, and you aren’t using RealTAG, you’re just wasting your time and money!   Built for Lenders, RealTAG gives you un-matched visibility into your borrowers financial and property back ground in seconds.

If you’ve ever lost a deal to a surprise RealTAG is for you! If you’ve ever wondered; “Is this a good lead”, RealTAG is for you!

How does it work?  Drawing on the national property databases of CoreLogic, simply enter your borrowers name and address, and in seconds RealTAG delivers a concise financial view of your prospect.

Each RealTAG report gives you over 225 data points on every lead, from ANY lead source in seconds!  Real property values, title checks, total liens, comp’s, foreclosure status and much, much more!

If you are struggling to find borrowers that qualify in today’s market, let RealTAG show you the way!

No more calls to your title rep!  RealTAG gives lenders the data that you need to identify fundable prospects right from your desktop.  Having the right data at your fingertips makes all the difference in any market!

  • Fund  success today – Start you file knowing that your borrower can close
  • Generate your own leads  – Mine 1000’s of leads  quickly to target the winners
  • Compete effectively– Work the hot leads first, before your competition does
  • Quality is paramount  –  Use any mortgage lead source with confidence

The bottom line:  RealTAG is a powerful qualification and marketing tool for every lending opertion.  Are you ready for more fundings and clients? Call us today to see how RealTAG™ can improve your sales and cut your costs: (877) 245-3237

Get more value from every lead…from any source with LeadXL

NEW! – Ask us how we increase fundings over 300% with a national lender!

Our LeadXL product line gives lenders tools to help them work mortgage leads from any source better.  By sending your leads to us in real time, LeadXL gives you an unprecedented ability to analyze, enhance, and audityour existing mortgage leads.

The LeadXL suite incorporates: Title checks,  Lead scoring, income modeling, equity validation, lien discovery, pre-populated 1003’s and more, all delivered via XML stream to your CRM, at a low cost per lead.

If you are using other services to validate names and phone numbers, you’re not getting even half of the picture!


  • LeadScore – High performance loan funding models.
  • PropertyLink – Full record property / title data added to your mortgage leads.
  • TruEquity – Best in class AVM valuations and equity solutions.
  • LeadRescue – Instantly spot which vintage leads to work first .
  • LeadPerformance – Track closing performance by mortgage lead vendor

Concerned about inaccurate mortgage leads, poor vendors, falling ROI and deals falling apart?  Stop trusting your suppliers and your consumers and start trusting the data!  LeadXL™ can improve your sales and cut your costs today.

Call us at 877-245-3237 and we’ll show you how!

SERVING SUCCESSFUL Loan Officers Since 1996

REAL MORTGAGE LEADS = REAL DEALS:This is a tough lending environment, with deals getting harder to come by. You need a mortgage lead provider that is a partner – not just a vendor. Whether you are interested in real time Internet loan leads, hot transfer leads, vintage mortgage leads or refinance leads, no one goes as far to bring you a quality mortgage prospect!

The MYTH of Free Mortgage Leads:

How does your off-line marketing do? Do you get Free Mortgage Leads or Refinance Leads? Beware of sites that promise more than they can deliver!


NEW! Enhanced Mortgage Leads.  

Whether you’re looking for exclusive mortgage leads, refinance leads, or debt consolidation leads, all of our internet mortgage leads now include property information from iLeads.com, LLC.

Accurate property values, equity indicators, income scores and foreclosure notices.

Best of all, you pay nothing extra our long-form leads. In a changing market, these leads give you the edge you need. Learn more..

WE DELIVER On Every Lead


  • QUALITY – We’re committed to delivering quality mortgage leads
  • teleVERIFY – We verify all Internet mortgage leads in our system, 24/7
  • VALUE – Low cost per lead = low cost per loan
  • GUARANTEED – You’ll never pay for ‘bad’ mortgage leads
  • CLOSING – We’ll deliver qualified mortgage leads that close!
  • FLEXIBILITY – 1, or 100 Internet mortgage leads per day, we can do it

"What's the difference between my best closers, and my worst? Your training program! With your leads, AND your training, we've increased our funding by nearly 30%" ~ Daniel Rodgers, American First Funding

"I averaged 30% closed on my first order, and 45% on my second... Needless to say I'm not looking forward to ANY new brokers (competition) getting leads in my area! Keep those closers coming!" ~ Donald Wright, La Jolla California

"Your leads are the best that I've ever used, and I've used them all. The best thing about Mortgage-Leads.com is that you go the extra mile, AFTER the sale!" ~ Robert Bennedict, USLoans Inc.

"We've used all the Internet Lead Shops, and Mortgage-Leads.com has clearly got them all beat. We average 25% closings, and they're eager to help us if we've got an issues with a lead! Thanks for all your help!" ~ Erik Johnston, Platinum Funding, LLC.

"What I love about your company is your customer support. Other lead generation companies that I've worked with are miserable when I try to get them on the phone, to even discuss my account. With your company, I always know that help is just a phone call away!" ~ Judy Volk, Volk Financial

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